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Where do you see yourself in five years

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I want to plant myself in a position where I can stay and grow. I'm ready to commit and work with you and for you to create this into the duo you see as ideal. This is a new position for both of us in the company, and my job is to support you so you can shine and this department becomes a leader in the industry. I'm ready to dig in my heels- if the opportunity to grow and evolve presents itself and I ready I will take it. But my biggest goal right now is getting in the door and making an impact. Here. Now. For you.

Why are you interested in this position if it is only guaranteed for a year?

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Tell me about yourself? Why do you want to work here? Tell me about a time when you a purchased you made for a company didn't work?

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In all fairness to Ashland, Inc. I was hired in directly before a major downsizing, an acquisition of a large company I believe was named Hercules, and the selling off of Distribution group to Nexio. Apparently upper management had not shared the massive downsizing with middle management so middle management had continued to do what they had always done - supply trained candidates for buyer positions.

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Describe a time when you and a coworker disagreed about something. How did you handle it?

How do you handle situations in which there is too much to do?

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Not applicable; it was the easiest interview process I've ever had.

what is your greatest weakness

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