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Give an example of where you were asked to work in a team?

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How would I support Engineering staff with critical prototype builds, expedite orders with suppliers knowing the dollar spends are low, and manage capital procurement?

Explain a time you had to make a difficult decision.

The hiring manager asked about why I'd chosen my particular undergrad major.

The interviewing process was a structured interview composed of a series of five strategic questions surrounding your experience your experience in buying, sourcing and expertise in supplier start-ups. Other questions asked were pertaining to how does your experience ties into the Boeing culture and how are you able to assist and achieve the Boeing goals.

The interview went well. The recruiter admitted that each person enjoyed me. However, they decided to go forward with another candidate.

Difference between procurement and sourcing? Tell me about yourself. Ask a few questions about whats on your resume. Easy scenario/ case type of question (1 in each interview). And then just other common behavioral questions.

They wanted to know an in depth analysis of my Excel experience. One interviewer asked specifically about Pivot Tables

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The interviewers started by telling their professional backgrounds. Then they ask you to give a summary of yours. The questions were based upon your summary and resume.

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