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BJ's Wholesale Club
Produce Clerk was asked...July 12, 2017

What are the best contributes of an employee of BJs?

8 Answers

Having acknowledgment of all depts of the building

To put members first

Members first

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Do you plan on staying with us and moving up into management? or do you have other future plans in mind? Meaning, current management has an opening and think you'd be a good fit. Only you know you've been faking smiling for them for the past year and are sick of it. What to do? ......Raise or Quit?

3 Answers

That is a very stupid question to ask.

My answer will depend on the situation I am in. Currently, I am in a good postion with Allied Barton Security. If I was working with/at Safeway as a second job and they offered me a management position; I would decline, but continue working as a clerk. If Safeway was my only job, I would take it. More money will always help, and if the position truely makes you unhappy, than you can quite later. Remember, you can turn any job into a Career. But a Job will never be what you love. Less



If a customer approaches you and is upset, how would you handle the situation?

2 Answers

Remain calm and collected and do your best to handle the situation in a way that will leave the customer satisfied and wanting to return. Less

Remain calm, gather all information, be understanding and make customer feel that they are important. Less


How would you deal with multiple customers at once?

2 Answers

I would help them in the order they arrived and would be sure to acknowledge each of them and let them know I would be with them as soon as possible. Less

What kind of paper work did you fill out?


Can you work on Sundays

2 Answers


I am available to work at any time you need me to work. This includes morning, afternoon, evenings, weekends and holidays. Less

Loblaw Companies

Tell me about yourself

2 Answers


Myself? I am a someone who’s ready to learn new things and easily adapt to it, I am someone who laugh and smile all the time even if I’m sad, only if you know me well then you can tell that I’m sad, I love caring for people and love giving out if I have. Sometimes I can be moody of course I’m a human, I love cooking, it’s my hobby and I will love to learn how to cook different dishes, I socialize with people easily and can communicate well. I love to see the people around me happy. Less

Sprouts Farmers Market

Why do you want to work for Sprouts?

2 Answers

What type of drug test ?

I love the values and importance you place on employee, customer, community and the environment Less

Harris Teeter

How did I hear about the job openings?

1 Answers

By a friend

Andronico's Market

What are your strengths or weaknesses?

1 Answers

I work hard, smart. That's all you need to do.

WinCo Foods

How would you handle the situation, where you were you assigned to immediately put back a large tub of melted ice cream, however, a customer looks over to you for some help?

1 Answers

Immediately drop what I am doing in order to help out the customer. Customers always come first. Tub of ice cream can wait. Less

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