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sell me my pen. go.

3 Answers

im not answering this because i know my sales practices are superior, i got the job.

This is more than a pen. This is a tool to help you write your future. With it you can agree to a new job, buy a new house, or marry your partner. Don't you want something to help you with those moments?

“Write your name for me” oh you can’t because you don’t have the tool buy my pen...

one one on is basically just a conversation about ur background. what products u like and what u liked about the store.

1 Answer

What did you like about your previous job?

1 Answer

Tell me something exciting about yourself.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years if hired with our company

I was also asked why do I want to work at Microsoft?tell me an awesome customer service experience you had that blew your mind? What type of phone do you have and wet features do you like about it?

Would you move for the job. Was weird for a regular retail job.

Asked my favorite thing to shop for, asked how i would sell it if this item cost $150.

Personal work history, customer service skill based questions

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