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How would you handle an irrate internal customer during a business meeting?

2 Answers

Good indication of behaviors that are common in this organization. No job is worth total humiliation.

I would definetly keep my cool and act very professional and say... I understand your concerns. Please send me your issues in an email and I will make sure I set up a conference call so we can discuss them in further detail.

How well can you come up to speed working with Ruby and in a custom non-relational database environment?

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Describe your definition of Product Owner

4 Answers

Most of the questions were regarding my work experience so far. And a few logic questions like what is the angle between the hours hand and minutes hand when the time is 3:15; How do I identify which switch corresponds to which light bulb when the switches are in one room and the bulbs are in another and given that I can enter the room with bulbs only once.

4 Answers

Write SQL codes and analyze dataset on the spot.

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Two points are randomly placed on a line of length 1. What is the probability that the three segments created form a triangle?

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Problem Solving #2 - You have 3 light switches and 1 light bulb controlled by only 1 switch in a room you can't see into. You can flip any or as many switches as you want and can check the room once. The next time you go into the room, you have to know for sure which switch controls the light bulb.

2 Answers

coding challenge with live dataset in their coding environment

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How will you get the count of all cities?

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- Analytics use case built around app usage optimisation and involved metrics trade-offs and a brief overview of an A/B test - SQL, 3 questions including self joins and aggregation of left joined tables (null values to handle), 3 case studies on ad revenue optimization and funnel optimization for various apps/features (Messenger, Groups, Events)

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