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Tell me about your background Describe recent projects you've worked on from start to finish On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate yourself in SQL Facebook feature that you like, how would you improve it, how would you gather a team to work on it

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Some interviewers think they are smart and make you feel dumb or claim to use their "poker face". Also, there was a whole interview where a guy just asks you to do role - play. This is really childish and immature to have someone do. But who cares, you roll along having a chuckle internally as to how dumb the set-up is. They are big time in SQL proficiency and they expect you to know the syntax (and that to proprietary amazon owned Redshift). Seriously, for a PM ? Seems like a bit overkill i think !! I am glad that i didn't go through and wouldn't recommend as it seems chaotic.

Please model out a predictive analytics solution on a pattern of price fluctuations for Generic drugs over the course of 2 years using secondary data sources that are public knowledge.

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