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Name a time when you had to resolve a conflict with a teammate

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Mostly they wanted to know how comfortable I was with travel, because most of their jobs do travel a lot. Then they also wanted to know about my work history and how it related to the position.

What size hole is needed for a 5/8" bolt?

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Make a thesis type presentation on a problem you solved. What/how/when/where/results.

Unexpected and difficult job related questions. do your home work on technical questions/answers before coming to the interview

About device trees. I didn't have much experience in Linux, so I found it a bit difficult.

Most of the questions were technical questions I expected (step response for a high-pass or low-pass RC filter, op amp circuits, etc.). One interview was different in that, he asked me to explain one of my projects to him as if he were a layman with no technical expertise (using whiteboard).

Do I speak Mandarin or Korean? Am I familiar with Bluetooth, WIFI and GSM radio standards. Am I willing to travel 50% of the time.

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