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Instrumentation amplifiers difference from differential amplifiers, low pass and high pass filters, induction motor principles, projects and work experience related questions.

Tell me about your background? What is your career path?

What is the difference between a bjt and a mosfet? Bjt has "leakage current" in the gate, however I said mosfet has infinite gate resistance and bjt has rpi as the base resistance, this was considered incorrect. What does this digital circuit do? It was a DFF with Q* plugged into D, and Q is output. It was a frequency divide by two system. How to make sure voltage from first system gets to second system? First system is plugged into base of bjt and collector is plugged into second system. The answer was to add a pull up resistance which is vdd in series with resistor, connected to collector. I gave plenty of working answers, but none were considered correct.

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Esri is moving toward the subscription model for its products instead of perpetual licenses. What advantages does this provide for the company?

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How can you find the center of a linked list using only a single operation to pass through each member?

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Basic verilog and circuit design

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The interview was not just about the technical round.5 members took the interview one by one. At the end,the manager tested my communication skills. I had to give a presentation of 10 minutes. Overall it was a good experience.

Do I speak Mandarin or Korean? Am I familiar with Bluetooth, WIFI and GSM radio standards. Am I willing to travel 50% of the time.

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Most of the questions were technical questions I expected (step response for a high-pass or low-pass RC filter, op amp circuits, etc.). One interview was different in that, he asked me to explain one of my projects to him as if he were a layman with no technical expertise (using whiteboard).

About device trees. I didn't have much experience in Linux, so I found it a bit difficult.

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