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Product Designer Interview Questions

"Product designers manage the design and development of all kinds of products across many different industries. Employers are looking for bright minded individuals with a passion for innovation and problem solving. To showcase these traits, go to an interview prepared to give examples of successful projects you have worked on in the past and answer some case studies on how you would approach designing hypothetical products."

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Design an interface for a rail station ticket booth

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There are a number of constraints you should make sure you understand before diving in. Really more an assessment of your thought process than the final design.

The collaborative task included choosing an existing digital product with a 'freemium' subscription model similar to Spotify and thought-storming ideas/solving issues around it.

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What was my experience working with multiple teams to achieve the best possible product?

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What are the different ways you can you tell if this part is steel or aluminium.

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If you have a cantilevered beam with a load at the unsupported end, what can you change about the beam to mitigate the effect of the load.

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What are 5 different variables of a coil spring you can change to affect spring force?

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If you and a large brick are in a boat floating in a pool, will the water level rise or fall when the brick is tossed into the water? What if the brick is a large piece of Styrofoam and thrown into the water?

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Questions that popped out as I can remember. 1) A cube (1-1-1m) of ice in a room (50C) sitting on a wooden table. the ice is 1m away from the walls around it's 4 sides, except for 1 side is 30cm away. You're given 2 insulating blankets (1m by 1m) that can be used to cover the ice block. The goal is to keep the ice in solid form as long as possible. Where would you put the blankets? 2) 2 rectangular beams, one is Aluminum a by 2b cross-section one is Steel a by b cross-section. If you were to climb a mountain and find these two sticking out on a spot where you need to rest, which one would you latch on to? 3) Interviewee shows a plastic part and asks: How do you think I built this part? What other ways can you think of this part could have been done?

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where have I worked, what skills do I have, why I wanted to apply to nCino.

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project walk through

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