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Product Designer Interview Questions

"Product designers manage the design and development of all kinds of products across many different industries. Employers are looking for bright minded individuals with a passion for innovation and problem solving. To showcase these traits, go to an interview prepared to give examples of successful projects you have worked on in the past and answer some case studies on how you would approach designing hypothetical products."

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What was your least favorite class in school and why?

Why did you want to become an engineer?

Questions at the early stage of the review process were mainly focused on challenging how and why you made specific design decisions (regarding work in your portfolio and the subsequent design exercise). Minimal questions regarding experience/professional background were asked.

Do you have a work authorized in America?

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How do you hear about Kids-II?

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why do you want this job? why do you like williams-sonoma? have you applied to other companies in the area?

What are three reasons why we should not hire you? Show us a project that is not related to your work / school project.

There was a design exercise in each round, including even the phone interview.

What was the process like when working with developers? In your projects, were you a part of the UX process? Have you designed the UX in any past projects?

Why are you interested in working here?

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