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Three situational questions: Name a time that you were innovative, tell us about a time that you had a conflict with a coworker, give an example of a time you worked in a group and what you specifically contributed.

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They are looking for STAR answers. Do some research on their company. I mentioned an article I read in their blog and they seemed impressed. I was able to connect with my interviewers over football since they were alumnae.

"Can you draw a description of the finite state machine for a vending machine?"

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There were no difficult questions. nothing crazy, they were all pretty standard stuff like: Whats your work history, most desired/ least desired aspects of old job, why you want to work here, how you feel that you can contribute to the Malibu boats team, what would you do in the event of a conflict between fellow coworkers, whats your one weakness if you had to describe one.

How would you redesign the case to the kindle fire so that the button no longer gets stuck?

Describe a time when you failed at achieving your task.

How would you go about pricing a product?

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All were basic. Think of your experiences and how you would answer situation questions. Use the STAR model - situation, task, action, response.

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