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What do you know about LOVESAC??

1 Answer

Check the website? Sell it like you are the owner!!

There was an open-ended question about how I would improve a mall business, assuming I have a financial interest in its success. Also, what would I do if new investors or new space were available. It was not a "case" in the usual sense, but very open. For instance, I asked what data might be available about the mall's operation, and got in response the question of what data I might like to have.

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Assume we have data of credit transactions, what would you suggest if a local coffee shop is planning for its expansion.

What you kind of question you want to solve if you have all the data you need, what is your exact plan, etc.

There weren't really many questions and none were difficult or unexpected.

Use your own previous work experience, if your resume is legitimate, it's easy to answer to all their questions. They just ask you to give examples of certain situations.

If you could have any superpower what would it be? If you were responding to an email, the phone is ringing, and your co-worker is asking you for help, how would you prioritize?

You have a large rectangle on the floor. You throw a disc onto that rectangle. You throw a triangle onto the rectangle. What is the probability that the triangle lies entirely within the disc?

How did you overcome a difficult situation?

What do you know about our software?

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