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Y did I want to work for select sraffing

1 Answer

I needed a job!

Which of our products do you like?

1 Answer

What is the best practice for handling multiple languages at run time with Adobe Flex.

1 Answer

interviewers looking to see if you have any knowledge about automotives, chassis, powertrain etc. It helps to have knowledge about chassis, power train, etc

1 Answer

Why did I want to work for them or what attracted me to their company?

2 Answers

Design a product for real-life use case, prioritization framework, etc.

Have you ever had a "run-in" with a colleague - what happened and what did you do about it?

1 Answer

Offsite exercise and onsite exercise applicable to the role.

They asked about overall experience with design and how I would solve specific issues to increase a click through rate, for example.

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