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Do you know what "Peak Oil" is? Yes? good. You are the product manager of Peak Oil for Google. What do you do?

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What?!!! No, just kidding. No hints.

Leave it up to them to put up a premise that is utterly ridiculous. Peak oil , by definition, is not controlled by anyone. It is the notion that there is a finite timeframe where the oil is no longer. How can a product manager manage "peak oil" when they can't own all of it... I thought all Googlers were smart.

peak oil means the oil production reaches the maximum and after which the rate of product enters terminal decline. i guess for this question they are asking how you keep it maximum as long as possible and when it enters terminal decline, what do you do about it.

How much are you making?

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have you looked at our app or website

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I never thought they would ask about my college and questions related to that!

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I was asked if I had ever made a fundamental shift for a product (how it's monetized, fundamental changes to features, etc) that I had previously worked for. The interviewer followed up with wanting to know what led me to the conclusion that this change was required and how we planned and executed the change.

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What work-related websites, blogs, industry magazines do you frequently read and what do you find valuable about each one.

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You type "" into your browser. What happens?

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What should Instagram do next? If you were a Lyft product manager, what features would you consider adding next? Explain blockchain?

How much time can I commit? Am I willing to travel?

Tell me about your current role and how that's relevant to this opportunity?

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