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Position is open, you are our #1 choice, do you want the position?

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Are to willing to be literally "Married to the job"?

what was my experience with the product? What would I do to market the product? What technology did I have in my home. What was in my home computer. Describe my experiences working with external customers.

For the behavioral, you can Google any sample questions. Technical was mostly regarding projects and stuff. I got asked what a transistor was and what it's used for, how Bluetooth works, analog vs digital (this is huge cause of what they do), why there are different programming languages and so on

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Questions included: Explain how an op-amp works. What is the greatest struggle you have encountered and what did you do about it? What is your greatest weakness?

Q:Describe a time that you have to solve a complex problem, what did you do and what did you learn?

Q:Describe a time that you have to develop a close relationship with someone, how did you achieve that? What did you learn?

Give me an example of a time that you failed at something and how you overcame that failure.

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