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Product Marketing Manager Interview Questions

"As a product marketing manager, it's your job to develop effective marketing programs that will drive demand for your product. Expect to be tested on your analytical, communication, and strategy skills as well as your knowledge of marketing positioning and messaging. Be prepared to answer situational questions that will evaluate your ability to evaluate market opportunities, launch products, or generate demand."

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Can you tell me how you would manage a new product launch?

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I would put together a launch plan with input from the necessary teams: Product Management, Engineering, Testing, Support. A part of the plan would include schedule, key stakeholders and responsible team members, and key deliverables and milestones with dates. I would arrange weekly meetings leading up to the launch date and manage the progress on each of the milestones and deliverables by coordinating with each of the team members.

Tell me the thought process and planning as well as the execution in the launching a product x or creating a positioning for a product/feature Y.

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How will you position the current legacy product considering that the next generation product is beginning to be offered.

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"if Germans were the tallest people in the world how would you prove it"

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Who are our competitors?

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If John Locke from lost was running for president of the island what would be his campaign slogan.

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There are 3 cars travelling in a road from point a to pont b, you have to pick one car, which one do you choose?

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Give me a search optimization plan for telecommunications service.

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Would you be willing to travel?

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How would you prioritize internal conflicts or conclude a situation where your manager and his/her manager has different agenda?

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