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Product Marketing Manager Interview Questions

"As a product marketing manager, it's your job to develop effective marketing programs that will drive demand for your product. Expect to be tested on your analytical, communication, and strategy skills as well as your knowledge of marketing positioning and messaging. Be prepared to answer situational questions that will evaluate your ability to evaluate market opportunities, launch products, or generate demand."

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How will you deal with angry customers

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give an example when you fought for a feature to be included in your company's product line

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Draw a wired NAND circuit.

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What would I state to a <very specific name here> CEO about the product?

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What is your understanding of TechTarget and what the company does?

1. Strengths and weakness and how am I dealing with weakness. 2. Questions about the situations: - Successful project - Unsuccessful project - Team leadership - Cross functional leadership

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What do you think of our website?

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"Why did you choose to attend (my university)? Why not Stanford or Cal?" - Sr. Sales Manager

I was asked about the industry diversity on my resume, and why I haven't stuck with one type of industry through out my career.

"Explain how your experience even applies to this position". Not terribly difficult, but off-putting considering I was unknowingly applying for a position completely outside my realm of knowledge and experience. .