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Product Marketing Manager Interview Questions

"As a product marketing manager, it's your job to develop effective marketing programs that will drive demand for your product. Expect to be tested on your analytical, communication, and strategy skills as well as your knowledge of marketing positioning and messaging. Be prepared to answer situational questions that will evaluate your ability to evaluate market opportunities, launch products, or generate demand."

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Why Bronto?

1 Answer

What's your Go-To-Market for a Microwave in 1950? The time period threw me off a little bit.

Explain about your background? Explain your understanding about cybersecurity?

Did you run google analytics at your previous position?

1 Answer

How would you handle conflict? Describe your background/previous experience. How would you research certain topics? How would you get buy in from cross functional team members? What is the product development process? What would you do if the team missed a date?

Typical project management, what are some challenges you think lyft has and how would you solve them.

How to draw an Ethernet cable in a networking environment

1 Answer
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