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Name a few attributes of yours that would be a great benefit to our team.

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some of the managers highlight parts of your resume. If you have a copy in front of you, you can sort of get an idea of what parts of your resume caught their attention, thus you now have great talking points.

What are you looking for?

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What is the future of social media/what are the current trends?

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Tell me what you would eliminate and why out of these four: Football(NFL),Baseball(MLB),Basketball(NBA), or Hockey(NHL)

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Do you know how internet routers work? Keep in mind: Job description didn't mention they were looking for a technical engineer or someone who could install routers while also being a marketing expert. I would like to know the percentage of marketing, journalism, or communications professionals who also have technical certificates and are applying for entry-level jobs...

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Can you relate your experience in engineering with some of the tasks of product marketing?

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I was asked details regarding the department I was applying for. Interviewer wanted an idea of my technical knowledge.

I don't know that I have an answer to this. The interview was incredibly smooth and conversational so I never felt targeted with "impossible" questions.

The in-person interview with the hiring manager was the most challenging. She kept probing "anything else? What would you change? What else would you consider? Would you change this and why? Walk me through everything." The interview with another team member was boring, I don't think he wanted to be there nor did he really have anything to say.

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