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A couple case study questions/situations. One was if you are a newspaper what is the process you would take going from print to online only and prioritize your steps. There is a 30 minute exercise responding to real emails from clients, but if you do this in your day-to-day activity it shouldn't be anything unusual. I recommend confirming your initial thoughts about the situation with the person in the room - she really helped me get clarity with the full spec.

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My experience in the last on-site was more of them understanding if I had any last minute hesitations/concerns about joining the co'. I was expecting it to be more of an actual interview and did not think I would be getting a decision that day!

If you have 8 balls and a scale. If you can only take two measurements, how do you find the one ball that is lighter than the other 7?

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What are the areas in which you have grown the most professionally or personally in the past?

Explain the 3 types of tests administered to determine the fairness of a company's 401k administration to its employees.

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Why are you interested in ForUsAll and the Product Operations Analyst role?

if two trains leave the station at the same time but they are traveling at different speeds- what is the average speed it takes to go round trip. (each one has a different speed going from returning)

What gets you excited about working with ForUsAll?

How would you propose fixing some issues related to a company's failure with the top-heavy test?

What is your current salary?

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Explain a work-related situation which involved problem solving.

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