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Product owner Interview Questions

"Product owners are key players in agile development projects. Often the most invested in the outcome a project, project owners direct development teams towards achieving key goals. Teams looking for product owners will be searching for candidates who have the ability to create a clear vision for the future of the product, prioritize objectives, and successfully lead a team to delivering results."

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Imagine you are a newly minted product owner with no team. How would you execute on your product vision?

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First establish the most important requirements and clarify them to a full extent. Start simple and work your way up on each iteration taking into account scope, constraints, dependencies, and schedule while keeping your eye on the big picture.

What would you do if the delivery team did not deliver what the business had asked for?

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Many questions on scenarios related to position requirements.

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How do you handle conflict resolution between team members?

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As a PO you met with two VPs who want their Biopham compliance documents in digital format. Describe how you would go about this in 10 minutes

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Tell me how to calculate the cost and release date for an MVP?

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You're at a dog show and there are 196 legs and 126 eyes. How many dogs and how many humans are there?

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Can you afford the license fee today?

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Prepared to purchase a health care plan?

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1) 1. A brick weighs a pound plus 1/2 a brick. How much does a brick weigh?

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