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Renovate America
Associate Product Manager/Product Owner was asked...March 4, 2016

How do you handle conflict resolution between team members?

2 Answers

Interesting question for a Product Owner, I would generally consider managing the team dynamics (including conflict) as a key part of the Scrum Master role. Less

In response to the inquiry above, the Product Owner and Scrum Master role at Renovate America are considered one role. It's obviously not ideal since these two roles are supposed to balance each other, but that is the current setup at the company. Quite a bit of responsibility for one role. The PO manages the backlog (feature prioritization) and runs all retrospectives as well. Less

AZ Maria Middelares

2 positieve en 2 negatieve kenmerken opsommen Ben je een leider/volger? Beschouw je jezelf als belangrijk? Wat is de missie van het ziekenhuis?

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What position was interested in?

1 Answers

Product Manager/ Component Owner


How would you handle if you have an ongoing project, but another customer asks your developer's contribution to a new project? How would you manage resources to fulfil resource requirements for both projects?

1 Answers

Negotiate with other PMs


What experience do you have with VR?

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I had worked on Product Management for disruptive technologies, like IOT and Occulus, so developing business solutions by working with clients in a technical and non-technical way is second nature for me. I mentioned my experiences. Less


The manager then asked me some questions about experience and when I( tried to find out more about the role, responsibilities and team structure, the guy said he can't answer that but that the "client" would be able to answer that. (wth) After only a short time he said he thinks I'm 'suited' and the next stage would be with the 'client' who could answer all questions I have. Then when I asked the HR person when would this be she said the hiring manager is back the following week. Now I thought I was initially speaking to the hiring manager. Never heard back from them. If this is how they manage the candidate hiring process then I wonder what happens elsewhere in the company...

1 Answers

If they were not a registered and know company I would have said this feels like a scam... Less


Interviewers did not waste any time talking about things that are obvious from CV but they got straight into the main topic They concentrated on candidate - Communication skills; specifically about explaining the product capabilities - Product Management behavioral skills - Technical capabilities around APIs. Kubernetes/Docker Some of the key questions 1) Describe about your current product ? What does it do? 2) What business features does it offer? What technologies are used? 3) Talk about few example requirements that your product addressed? 4) What is your product vision? 5) How do you priorities backlog/stories? 6) Did you ever rejected a feature request? and why? 5) What is a Microservice and What is an API? 6) Did you design APIs? 7) Did you deploy solutions on Kubernetes? (what hand-son experience do you've)

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Overall, I thought I have done well but felt I could've done better explaining the current product feature (obviously its an unknown product for the interviewers) - also, speed at which we explain things is another point I have realized after the interview. Less

everything from past experience management data science etc


Describe your experience with agile.

Renovate America

What experience do you have working with developers, designers, QA?

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