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Have you ever stopped a line for a quality issue and how did you go about it? Can you provide examples.

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Before I would stop a line I would make sure that I had evidence which I could use to justfy the stop. If this evidence was insufficient to stop the line or if the decision by the policy holders was not to stop the line but I felt that the problem was important enough to the customer I would escalate the problem to the Director of Quality. Unfortunately I could provide no examples that actually showed me being effective because they were all company confidential. The minor issues I could describe were not very impressive

1. Have you ever been required to regularly account for 45 second intervals and to check list all you do on each shift? 2. Describe a time where you worked through a disagreement that was not easily resolved? With each no further context was provided. 3.Are you willing to work all the time? 4. Are you easy for your management to communicate to? (Paraphrased for brevity) ..

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Most of the questions were things like, "You work for a company that manufactures blenders. How do you test this blender?" They're basically looking for you to consider every possible angle in which you would test this product-- Who's the user, what's your company's warranty, how does it handle standard products, how well does it make a milkshake, how does it handle rocks if you put them in there, should it handle rocks, etc. They also asked me to test an office printer, an ATM machine, and a web browser. The coding questions I was asked were things like, "Given an unsorted array with n elements where every element except for one is duplicated in the array, how do you find the unique element?"

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Do you have any question for me?

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There was a question about describing a time where you took advice or a suggestion from a customer and applied it to a project or program.

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Given an array of ints where all values are duplicated except for one, find the value of the element that isn't duplicated. (e.g. [1, 3, 5, 6, 3, 1, 6] would return 5)

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how test a student system can be used in the school

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How can you develop a system can be used in the school

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