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You have a 3 gallon bucket and a 5 gallon bucket as your only tools and you need exactly 4 gallons how would you go about getting the 4 gallons?

6 Answers

1. Fill 3 gallon bottle 2. Pour IT into the 5-gallon bottle 3. Fill 3 gallon again, and pour IT into 5 gallon (leaves 1 gallon in 3 gallon bottle) 4. Empty 5 gallon 5. Pour the 1 gallon into the 5-gallon 6. Fill 3 gallon 7. Pour IT into the 5 gallon

1. Fill 5 gallon bucket completely. 2. Place 3 gallon bucket into full 5gallon bucket to displace water, leaving 2 gallons. 3. Pour 2 gallons into 3 gallon bucket. Repeat 1 more time.

fill each bucket exactly halfway.

Is there any thing that you'd like to share with me that you couldn't share with the Product Application Specialist Supervisors? All of the questions asked were behavioral questions and a few walk me through your resume questions.

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Q: How many cars are there in the hometown you grew up in?

2 Answers

Tell us about a time when management made a decision you didn't agree with.

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How are you with excel?

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How much time will you devote?

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What did the previous recruiter speak to you about the job position? Can you tell me anything about yourself that makes you qualified for the job?

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What is most important part of work to you ?

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What are strength and weaknesses?

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Do you currently work in a fast-paced or slow-paced environment, and which do you prefer?

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