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Questions about my personal life probably, dont remember any difficult questions tho.

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They don't really ask very technical questions such as the suff that is in your textbook, what they really want to know is your experience and how would you fit in the team.

Give me a time when you've managed group conflict?

How do you work with people who doesn't agree with you

How did you handle a coworker that was being difficult to work with

Give me a time you had to solve a problem with conflicting data?

Describe a time when you had to work with a group of others to accomplish a common goal?

Describe a time when you taught someone something new to improve a process

1. Describe a time you improved a process. 2. Describe a time you disagreed with someone, and how you handled it. 1. Imagine you've been given four projects. You have a day to complete the first one, a week to complete the second one, a month to complete the third one, and a year to complete the fourth one. How would you address this? There were more questions obviously but this is the structure of the two types.

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