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Product Support Analyst was asked...June 18, 2018

How will you get the count of all cities?

2 Answers

Group by country

There's quite an extended back and forth in actual interviews for questions like this, so there's no real replacement for actual practice. The Prepfully Comscore Product Support Analyst experts have actually worked in this role, so they're able to do a propermock, which really puts you through the paces and lets you assess your readiness level. Less


How is the relation with your dad?

5 Answers

Relation was always been great with my father. He is the one whom I always admired for his handwork and commitment. He is very disciplined and want me to be the same. Always a good guide and friendly. Less

It really does not help to put fake questions on this site. Someone could actually get in big trouble for asking a question like that in an interview!!! Less

Did you guys who think this is fake realize that the job was in India and interviewed for in India? That very well could be an appropriate question in India. Less

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In a conversation with a fellow developer, you look out the window and mention how blue the sky looks. They remark they see yellow. How do you respond?

1 Answers

Hmm, I think it has been too long since I had my eyes checked. I think I better schedule an appointment after we are done talking. What do you think is making the sky look yellow? Less

App Annie

They were all pretty standard competency questions - nothing too difficult.

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Reynolds and Reynolds

How much compensation do you need to even consider this job?

1 Answers

Hi. If one passes the onsite "tests", do the interview the candidate onsite the same day? I was told they'll get back with me in 3-5 business days. Is the latter another way of saying I did not pass? Less


customer service questions, Joins in sql

1 Answers

give examples for customer, check inner and outer joins


Been given an example support case, been asked how to improve

1 Answers

This examines your sense of customer care skill as well as your divergent thinking on how many possibilities you can sense; also, look on to your grammar. Less

Rogers Communications

not much....questions in C,C++, Unix, Over all its technically Average.

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Answered well.

FDM Group

Video Interview. Q. Why FDM? Q. Tell me about yourself Q. How do you keep up to date with the latest IT news? Q. How would you feel if you had to relocate? Give an example of a time that you showed flexibility. Hint: Very important to mention / relate any personal skills back to FDM and how you would benefit them and how they as a company can benefit you and help your growth. Assessment day Interview. There will be three interviews that will be conducted, each interview will have a different topic, i.e. 1. FDM and the IT industry 2. Your degree and career history 3. Your professional and personal motivations Four questions will be asked per interview, they will not be competency based questions but questions that are designed to get to know you and understand you as an individual. Questions in no particular order, and those that I can remember include. Q. Why FDM? Q. What FDM qualities most relate to you as an individual? Q. Apple or Android? Q. How have you used any technical skills you have gained practically? Q. Why did you choose your degree? Q. If given the chance, would you choose your degree again? Q. How do you seek to challenge yourself? Q. Would you sacrifice the quality of work to meet a deadline? Q. What do you think of organisational change? Q. What have you read in the IT industry recently, and why did you find it interesting? Once done you will be conducting 3 tests, a GCSE maths test, Venn Diagram test and an aptitude test, not hard, just make sure you brush up on your GCSE maths and mental arithmetic, you will not be permitted to use a calculator. Good Luck.

1 Answers

Just be sure whenever possible to relate back to FDM and FDMs qualities as a company, and be yourself. Less


a General Excel modeling question

1 Answers

I answered incorrectly by calculated the wrong number

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