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Puzzle question

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Name what this circuit does (showed me diagram of a circuit)

1 Answer

Why Panaltir?

1 Answer

Day to day activities overview, some background check during phone screening.

1 Answer

If you were to open up your browser and experienced a "404 Error", how would you go about diagnosing the problem?

1 Answer

How would you trouble shoot a server that is running slow.

1 Answer

Initial interview question. How did you hear about this company and quick questions about my background.

1 Answer

If you had to move an SQL table with a million rows to a new table that adds something to each of those rows, how would you do it?

1 Answer

Write a function that takes a transaction object with date and amount attributes and creates a hash so you can ask for the hash of a given date and get the total amount for that day.

1 Answer

Tell me about a difficult conversation you had in the workplace and how you navigated that.

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