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Production Engineer Interview Questions

"When interviewing to be a production engineer, you will likely be asked many technical questions about your understanding of manufacturing processes. Interviewers will want to determine whether you will be able to find ways to improve their production processes, whether that be through increasing safety, reducing waste, or increasing output. They will also be concerned about your ability to simplify the explanation of complicated processes to workers and managers who do not have the same education in engineering as you do. Production engineers are required to have at least a bachelor's degree in engineering."

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They asked about my background and different situations that I have encountered in the work place and how I handled them. The testing portion was pretty much a general knowledge test, IQ test, personality test, and a creativity test.

Go over my resume, What was your great accomplishments. Did you work in group projects and how did you handle the situations. What are all the lean tools you have used in the previous projects

What would you tell someone who may confront you about oil running out in the world especially given the negative light the oil and gas industry has been given in the recent past?

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What is a HCSPCS code? What does DRG stand for? Write a basic SQL query that gets returns a requested data set.

What is the default signal that is generated when sending a kill command to a process in Linux?

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I was asked about one of the plots for well test analysis and the details of the formula and how would you design one by hand. how would you reduce the uncertainty without software (think out of the box questions)

Describe a time when you worked on a project team with a difficult team member.

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