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Case study: You are a senior project manager with the option to choose one of two clients for your next project: Client A, whose brand A has a very broad customer base consisting of customers who buy Brand A infrequently. Client B, whose brand B has a much smaller but more loyal customer base. If you had enough resources to conduct research for only one brand, which would you pick (and believe will be most successful), and why?

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There's no unique right answer (at least, according to my interviewers), but they want to see your thought-process.

My preference would be the smaller but more loyal brand because the research might better identify what contributed to the strong brand loyalty. The broader lower loyalty base probably has a much more diverse set of purchase reasons which may not be as helpful in marketing

Aside from the analytical assessment (very much like a harder SAT), I was asked "what's one of the most challenging group projects you've worked on?" "Tell me about a time you lead a group and were met with controversial opinions." -Also asked about 2 types of pizza (a cheap, store brand that tastes boring but makes a decent profit...and an expensive pizza that tastes great, but yields less customers)..which would I choose to market and why?

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Explain a situation where you may not have gotten along with a leader or coworker. How did you deal with the situation?

Name one challenge you were faced with in your current job?

Sales of a product remain constant but market share decreases by

Name a situation where you had a disagreement with a superior and how did you handle it.

What kind of software programs are you knowledgable in that would be applicable to this position?

Why Disney? - I was asked this question many times in a variety of formats by many of the people interviewing me. They came about in different wordings - Why entertainment? Why media? Why marketing? - but the core of the question was definitely "Why Disney?"

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