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You are working for Coca-Cola and are given the task to market two products: Diet Coke and Coke Zero. Develop the target audience for these two products and then walk me through how you would go about marketing these products to your chosen targets.

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This questions is not at all about your answers. It tests how you think through problems.

If you have a 5oz cup, 3 oz cup, and unlimited supply of water, how would you measure 4oz

Interviewer puts a blank sheet of paper in front of me and a blank sheet of paper in front of herself. She asks "This is your product, this is my product. How would you differentiate yours from mine?"

What was your biggest regret? (Emphasis on not work related) -Case study question about Coke-A-Cola, what would you suggest if they are interested in joining craft beer industry? Good idea or bad? -Question about cake. Brain teaser. You want to cut it into 8 slices but can only cut it 3 times. How do you do this? -How many people buy soft drinks in the United States? -Why Nielsen/Why Professional Services -Why ____(your university) -Biggest accomplishment at your university to date. -Some question about grape oreos (other candidates have posted, it's the exact same one)

Tell us a joke. What do you do when you know you can't finish a project?

Tell me about yourself, why NetSuite, why the analyst position, what is a project that you worked on, name a time when you worked with a difficult teammate, lots of team based questions.

Mostly technical skills mixes in with some personalities skills. They love people being into problem solving and coming up with creative solutions.

What variables might go into the formulation of a model used to predict sales volume?

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