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Design a database for a vendor (including products, purchase orders, etc.) and then write a query to select the names of all products that need to be shipped today. (I can't remember the exact question, but it was something along these lines.)

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Determine the relationships between objects (and what fields each object should and must contain), draw an E.R. diagram, and then write a query of medium-level difficulty (involving at least a join, possibly also an aggregate function) on this database.

There weren't any. I had a strong interview

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On my last non-technical interview, the question was asked about a mistake that I had made, and how I would of handled it differently with specific examples.

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The 2nd technical interview was done by an engineer in the TAC which didn't make sense. You will be shown a packet capture from Wireshark and then have to interpret what problem you see.

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At one point, as an exercise in creative thinking, the technical lead asked me to describe how I'd deal with a zombie apocalypse. I find this question rather extraordinary as it's nothing that I'd prepared for and made me use my imagination. I've been in the IT industry longer than I care to admit and I'm pretty sure I'd never been asked such a creative and interesting question.

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Describe a typical project process, or describe a project process that you went through. What sort of tasks / hurdles did you have to overcome?

What is the difference between the HTTP verbs PUT and POST

SQL question involving subqueries or temporary tables. Design question for designing the data structures and processes for a game program.

I was asked about my history, experience, professional preferences, general technical acumen, detailed technical knowledge and pizza preference.