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When interviewing for a professor job position, employers want to know how you will contribute to their educational institute. They will likely be interested in your ability to create curricula, perform academic research, and educate students through lectures, assignments, mentoring, tests, and meeting with students one-on-one.

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Top Professor Interview Questions & How To Answer

Here are three top professor interview questions and how to answer them:

Question #1: How would you describe your teaching style?

How to answer: When an interviewer asks about your teaching style, they want to know about your approach to education. Additionally, they want to know how clearly you can articulate yourself. An interviewer wants to make sure you can explain ideas in a clear and concise manner that is easy for students to understand.

Question #2: How would you contribute to our department?

How to answer: As a professor, you have to educate students, work within the department to develop curricula, and perform academic research. An interviewer wants to know if you work well with students, but they also want to know if you're a team player who can work well with other department professors. An interviewer additionally wants to make sure you have well-developed research skills that can reflect positively on their institution.

Question #3: Why are you interested in this position?

How to answer: If an employer asks this question, they likely want to know why you want to work at their specific institution. This is your opportunity to share your knowledge of the institution to prove you have done your research.

Top Interview Questions

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Colorado Mesa University
Assistant Professor was asked...December 13, 2013

This is a "teaching institution". How will you maintain an active research portfolio given the level of financial support provided for research by the institution?

1 Answers

Work ethic and commitment for contribution to the existing body of knowledge. I teach by example and do not believe in teaching without engagement in the field on a professional level. If teachers are not engaged on this level, they will simply be regurgitating information that has been given to them. Professional development in the area of contribution to the field outside the institution creates credibility through achievement and equity in the community of the field at large. Less

Troy University

What is your teaching philosophy?

1 Answers

All instructors have an idiosyncratic strength, which they should leverage to challenge students in precisely the way that represents their best source of value to the students. As instructors identify different learning styles among students (especially in non-traditional environments, which characteristically have more extremes of learning styles than traditional environments), they should mainly apply their range of teaching methods to their idiosyncratic strengths, rather than to their ancillary competencies. That way, students will benefit the most from those areas in which instructors are actually most competent. Less

Arizona State University

committee quizzed on my publications research interests. They were concerned bout my teaching philosophy. They asked me what courses I had taught at my previous faculty position.

1 Answers

I had prepped for the interview which was to each Mexcian, Latin American and Chicano history, I fulfilled the expectations of the search committee and i offered student evaluations from last teaching job., Less

American University in Dubai

Are you willing to teach courses not in your comfort zone?

7 Answers

You should say "No".

Yes. I am open to new challenges and ready to go out of my comfort zone by teaching courses that are not from my past routine teaching experience. As an International Academics, I was trained to be a university Teacher without border, i.e., I was trained to teach at any level in the system and any assigned courses outside my normal /usual teaching courses. I wish to gladly state that it is not new for me to teach courses outside my expertise. Less

Yes.Coming from a developing country I have taught several Times in remote places where I got good experiences with living people who were on a Real need of I am ready to overcome all the challenges which will encounter my path in my career development Less

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Ajman University of Science and Technology

General questions about my teaching philosophy and alot of behavior based questions.

5 Answers

1 day

I am a certified level 2 fitness instructor and I finish my level 3 personal trainer exams also I am interested to work with your company sir please contact me 0504208045 Less

I hope to get this job.

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Whistling Woods International Film Institute
Professor was asked...January 14, 2013

Will you work full-time on Saturdays if required?

5 Answers

Yes. I would if its necessary.


Ya sure

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University of Texas at Austin

How would you teach an intro class.

4 Answers

Broke down my current intro class.

Skype or Zoom. Assignments, requiring their own research. Homework by email

Zoom. Questions to students and their answers. Assigments, requiring theit own research. Email. Less

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Bramson ORT College

What were your previous experience? How would you handle low enrollment? How would you support the new immigrant students?

2 Answers

As a curriculum developer I designed a program called Intro to Business Communication . it serviced the Russian population in Brooklyn that needed employment. With limited ESL skills ,and low self esteem. I was able teach them a hands on communicative skills approach that gave them the confidence to go on job interviews. The class was taught in 16 different sections at the Touro College. They worked hard, and it was great success the enrollment doubled ! Less

Work Hours : Brooklyn P/T

Professor was asked...November 29, 2019

Perguntas sobre sua experiência com o idioma e o porquê da sua escolha de atuar como professor.

2 Answers

É uma pergunta pessoal, mas deve ser respondia no idioma que se pretende ensinar. Desde que não haja erros gramaticais e o professor tenha uma boa dicção, se sairá bem. Less

Falo português e espanhol básico. Sou desportista praticamente do moutainbike e treinamento resistido. Sempre fui preocupado com meu condicionamento físico e o que era passatempo virou profissão por vocação. Less

Columbus College of Art and Design

them: what do you know about film festivals? me: could you more specific? them: we asked a broad question because we want to know what you know about film festivals? me; i know that that almost every city in the world has a film festival but only a few 'count'...and so on

2 Answers

really, you think so? same as their previous question, 'who do you know?' for your information, i am now headed for a real university, a state institution, one of the top 10 film schools in the country. they have treated me with the utmost professionalism and courtesy. but you be you. Less

sounds like they spanked you. If you can't answer an open ended question, then why bother interviewing? Less

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