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Brown Brothers Harriman
Fund Accountant was asked...November 20, 2012

How far apart is the hour and minute hand a 3:15?

5 Answers

No matter what time of the day, the minute and hour hand are always touching in the center of the clock face. Less

7.5 degrees

360 degrees on the clock. Each number is 360/12 = 30 degrees apart from one another. at 3:15, the minute hand is at 3 while the hour hand is 15/60 = 1/4 away from 3. So (1/4) * 30 = 30/4 = 7 + 2/4 = 7.5 degrees Less

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Bexar County

If faced with violence from the juveniles how would you handle it?

3 Answers

Instantly try to restrain and calm

As a JPO, it is your duty to gain total control of a violent situation with the least amount of force as possible as quickly as possible. Many juveniles resort to anger due to an inability to understand the thoughts and feelings they are experiencing; that is why it is crucial to maintain control and attempt to diffuse the situation to prevent further escalation. Less

There is no right answer other than making sure to articulate that it is unacceptable to strike a resident in anything other than the most extreme situations. Less

Arrow Electronics

What is an accrual?

3 Answers

Revenues and expenses are recorded when earned; not received or paid.

An adjustment to either 1) record revenue earned but not yet recorded or 2) record expenses that have been incurred but not yet recorded Less

Is an accounting method


how did you handle people who don't co-operate?

2 Answers

explain why, communicate the bigger picture of what you're asking them to do, show that what you are doing is in full view of process/not a personal thing but a strategic or tactical problem-solving approach. If thats not effective, contact his/her resource manager/boss and ask to be added to the employee's review process. Then let his/her boss tell that person you hold this power... Less

make them owners so that they will be accountable

Par Electrical Contractors

Can I balance a high stressed work environment and role being that I was a single mother.

2 Answers

That was an illegal question they asked if it is about your parental, marital, or health status. Less

As long as the company allowed my son to come first in my priorities, I would be able to balance and maintain work and personal life. Less

IT Manager was asked...December 14, 2010

Why are point to point VPNs not exactly the best way to connect LANS

2 Answers

The rekey interval is usually 1 or 8 hours, by default. It can be made longer if desired. The biggest downsides I see of VPNs are 1) No firm SLA - VPNs are dependent on the Internet, and thus prone to any performance issues or outages. 2) Limited Scalabilty - As the network expands or changes, all the tunnels must be manually updated (unless you're running a dynamic routing protocol across them). 3) Limited features - For example, it's impossible to bridge the same subnet across a VPN. 4) Complexity - IPSec has lots of options, and if both sides don't match exactly, the tunnel will have problems. This is a big headache if you don't control the equipment on both sides of the tunnel. Less

The rekeying that occurs plays havoc with monitoring software.

Williams Overman Pierce

How did you handle a group member who didnt pull their weight?

2 Answers

Approach the offending party with specific examples of what they are doing wrong and what they can do specifically to fix the problem. Show them -how- they aren't pulling their weight, rather than just saying it. Ask the group member's input on the matter and help them come up with solutions to correct the problem. Anyone can identify an issue. It's the ones that can fix the issue that truly count. Less

Approached the person and explained they had to pull their weight or they would not share in the grade. Less

Judicial Correction Services

Best way to defuse an upset probationer?

1 Answers

allow the probationer to express what is upsetting them then come to an agreement of how to work through the issue. Less


How do you respond to stress?

1 Answers

drink a coffee


How do you influence franchise behavior when they think they know the business better than corporate does?

1 Answers

As a licensed State of Florida Master Plumber (21 yrs field experience) and a senior plumbing/fire protection designer for an good size engineering firm (plus a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer), I would take Mr Know-it-All out to a project under construction and have him make a list of comments that he noticed on the plumbing & fire installation as well as any other items engineers are responsible for. Nine out of ten :know-it-all" would flunk my test. Less

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