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What experience do you have working with insurance?

3 Answers

Basically described my experience with insurance and social work and how to interchange between the two.

I have over 10 years of experience in insurance on Revenue side. I have dealt with patients with regards on billing , making appointments, and also listening to clients on their issues to get them to the correct providers to help them or to get the correct services.

So I have experience with patience approximately 5 plus years in face to face in office setting and phone settings in different positions I have experienced.

What are you looking to develop from this job.

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How would you convince a child to try a food that they don't like?

2 Answers

no real questions, just a basic discussion, with a promise to get back to me with a yes/no in 2 weeks. One month later still no response even after calling HR. Also, the original HR person apparently had quit and new person was not versed on the open position.

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What is the difference between quality improvement and quality assurance?

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Why should we select you over the other qualified applicants?

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Do you prefer American Idol or Dancing With the Stars?

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The director was interested in my range of skills to contribute as well as growth potential. He expressed that whoever they select would be expected to show initiative beyond this role with the capacity to possibly lead. He asked if I felt comfortable and confident with that responsibility and anticipated growth of the department.

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How I might resolve conflict within the Feed Team

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Had a question about working with students - Can I work with a student that has strong leadership skills or who might challenge the direction of program planning.

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