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Programming Interview Questions

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Write a program to count the number of words in a file.

5 Answers

Write a program that given 4 coin denominations and a dollar amount finds the best way to express that amount using the coins given. I.e. you have coins with denominations of 1c, 7c, 13c,19c and you have to express $2.12 with the least number of coins. There is always a 1c coin but the other 3 are arbitrary.

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How to remove a node from a singly-linked list when only given the pointer to the node

8 Answers

Assume that you are given the head and tail pointers of a doubly linked list where each node can also have a single child pointer to another similar doubly linked list. There are no cycles in this structure outside of the traditional double links. Write a procedure in C++ that flattens this structure into a single list.

7 Answers

Output a single linked list in reverse, in linear time and constant space, and recursively

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I was asked two questions. Q 1. You are given two version numbers of a software, like Version 10.3.4 and Version 10.3.41. Write a program to find out which of the version numbers are the latest. If version 1 is latest output -1, if version number 2 is latest output +1 else output 0 if same version. Both the version numbers are taken as string. He also asks to make the program of minimum time complexity as we can. At the end he also asked the difference between an iterative program and one with recurrence and their advantages and disadvantages. Q 2. Given two files with a list of application IDs (or some kind of data) stored in them , write a program to compare the data in the two files and output all the common data found in each. What data structure would you use and why ? Give a minimum time and space complexity algorithm. Why did you choose the particular data Structure or algorithm ?

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Consider the following function: int f (int num) { int out = 0; for (; num > 0; num /= 10) { int d = num % 10; out *= 10; out += d; } return out; } 1) What does it do? 2) Write the same algorithm using recursion

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How do you find the max depth of a binary tree?

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Please write a function that accepts a floating number and returns its square-root. You may not use built-in square root function from your language. However, basic operators like addition, subtraction, multiplication are allowed. Please take into consideration the floating precision.

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Write a function which, given n, prints all well-ordered integers of n digits. A well ordered number is one where the value of the i-th digit is less than the value of the i+1 digit.

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