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Examples of my Program Management experience and how/if I was able to positively influence outcome.

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Provided specific examples and methods employed to boost communication and manage schedule, successfully completing the various programs cited meeting technical objective & schedule while staying within budget.

When you have a large portfolio of projects under you, how do you know when a project is healthy or at risk? What indicators do you look for? What information do you request from project managers / task leaders, and how do you track it? Follow up question (just as important) -- Give a specific example of what you have done when you have identified a project risk. What was the risk? How did you identify it? What did you do about it?

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how did you handle people who don't co-operate?

2 Answers

Do you enjoy working with people and are you able to handle people in a problematic situation?

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Tell me why do you think you would be a good manager?

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If your FOH team is low on energy how do you motivate them to do better?

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What was my management style

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You are on a desert island, and all you have is a pair of dice. You know that a plane flies over the island on the 30th day of the month. Using the dice, how can you make a calendar that always tells you the day of the month?

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You are on a game show. There are three doors, behind one of which is a prize and the other two is a chunk of coal, and the host knows which door holds the prize. You choose door #1. Before it is opened, the host opens door #3 and reveals a lump of coal. You have the choice to stick with the door you chose originally or switch to door #2. What do you do?

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You have a cake. How many straight cuts do you need to divide the cake into 8 equal pieces?

6 Answers
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