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Data Entry Administrator was asked...August 12, 2022

What do I think about admin job? Why do I want to work for an admin job? Use three words to describe my personalities. What animal would I want to be? What is my weakness?

Locksmith Animation

Tell us about your previous role at X company

Apex Systems

Name one weakness or something you would change about yourself.

GEM Technologies

What is the file path to the hosts file?

1 Answers

Seems more important to memorize the function of the hosts file than memorizing the file path, which can easily be referenced. Less

GEM Technologies

Why do you get out of bed in the morning?

1 Answers

Weird question to ask in an interview.


my strength and weaknesses and also why i want to be hired

Univar Solutions

What would you do in a certain situation


Nothing to share about this


Why citco, are you okay with night shifts

Visa Inc.

Why did you apply for this position that you are overqualified for?

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