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What are your weekness?

4 Answers

Actually, these questions may look perfunctory, but I think it looks better if you tell the truth -- know your weaknesses, and tell them what you do to recognize and overcome them. I would not hire anyone with no weaknesses, but also would pass on someone who does not have an active counter-weakness plan.

I'm guessing your answer was "spelling".

Well if I weren't so damned modest I'd be perfect.

"Say that you were working on a project and had a deadline you *had* to make. But a coworker approached you needing help on a project of their own, and helping them would definitely mean you missed your own deadline. So you help them, and miss your deadline. What do you do?"

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Lack of Experience -- How do you think you will perform in the position without architectural experience?

1 Answer

Job History -- it comes up all the time. Why have you moved around so much in your jobs?

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what questions do you have about rand?

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technical area of democracy that you know about?

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Why I wanted to move from a marketing position (my current job) to this, a non-marketing position.

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Why us? - that was the question, plain and simple.

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Describe your work process to get infront of a user.

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Identify a potential user of our product. How would you get information about their product infront of them?

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