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what is BIM? tell us your experience in BIM and what would be your assessments?

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it is a technical question, will take a long page to answer it....

BUilding Information Modeling. It is a fairly new tool in field rough in management. It is extremely helpful in catching areas where high congestion is going to be a problem. It doesn't solve all problems but it helps in alleviating some and recognizing where areas are going to require a high amount of coordination. One issue is having to update both CAD and BIM models as construction moves forward so that all new RFI and ASI changes are up to date in the latest files.

Not difficult, just weird: "If you couldn't get your car to start, what would you do 1st?"

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What is an area where you need to improve upon?

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Front end loading

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After discussing my background and qualifications the hiring manager asked how soon I'd like to come to work.

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Can you survive working at 5,000 meter elevation?

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Asked about my understanding of the solar industry and the company.

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You are given a quiz to test your ability to create a CPM schedule with 20 or so activities and then denote the critical path and some other details about the schedule. You are given as much time as you need to complete the quiz.

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How exactly would you solve the question pf training in the company?

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what have troubled you the most in the past experience dealing with scheduling and estimates don't agree and the client still want to cut the budget?

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