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Not difficult, just weird: "If you couldn't get your car to start, what would you do 1st?"

4 Answers

Jiggle the key, make sure it's in park and call Mr. Rescue. (I don't do car repair.) :)

Determine whether there was an attempt to turn the engine or not.

Check all systems and if in a safe location open the hood.

what is BIM? tell us your experience in BIM and what would be your assessments?

2 Answers

Tell me about you and your experience

1 Answer

Owner of the company insisted on me talking to a staff member who made it clear they had no time to talk to me. It was a very awkward moment being left with this person who viewed me as an imposition.

1 Answer

Can you describe your job duties and experience at XYZ corporation.

1 Answer

Tell me about your previous job?

1 Answer

Why do you want to leave?

1 Answer

Is there anything keeping you from committing to this position today, right now?

1 Answer

Tell me about yourself.

1 Answer

Tell us about yourself.

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