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None. HR could not answer ONE question.

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How much money were you asking for?

10% more than I currently make. Very reasonable considering 20% is common. The position also required a lot more in terms of support for 4 campuses and 24 hour and weekend on call. What did the HR person offer as a benefit or highlight of joining NYP? That Dr. Oz works there -- not kidding you.

You can look at the salaries for IS Project Lead here ( there are 7 posted). I think that should give you an idea of what the pay range for the position is.

Interfaces and abstract class difference

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Why I wanted the position since it would require more work.

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The number of mistakes and errors in their presentation. Be prepared for either externally sourced exams (as they are not competent to do it themselves) or there to be multiple, multiple levels of errors. Top 0.5 percent arrogant individuals I've met in the industry from hundreds of the Fortune 1000 companies I've either provide consulting services or software systems.

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Tell me a time when a co worker did something wrong or perhaps you did not get along with them and how did you handle / resolve it?

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How will be able to make a difference in this company?

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He was hung up on my assessment of my Excel skills.

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A healthy way of life is our company's motto, how do you live a healthy way of life?

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When using Agile how do you determine EV?

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For me, being asked the last technical solution I recommended and implemented. As a project lead, I count on my team to come up with technical solutions. I facilitate, organize, inspire. This is not a technical role although they want someone with a technical background.

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