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How well can you come up to speed working with Ruby and in a custom non-relational database environment?

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I have a long career in IT necessitating the ability to learn languages and complex applications such as ERP and HRIS quickly. Confident that I can quickly come up to speed.

How many hours a week did you work at previous employer?

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What is your favorite word?

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Describe a situation where you had to be persuasive and what happened?

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Describe all my experiences working as a Project Manager and a Business Analyst. Describe a time when you were challenged by a project because some of the project team members did not get along.

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Most of the questions are in the Tell us about a time multi-part format. Part 1: Describe the situation/project and your role in it. Part 2: Describe a challenge that existed (the interviewers will specify the challenge, it will usually be something like there was ambiguous direction, there were not enough resources, you had to work with difficult people. Part 3: Explain how you overcame the challenge. Part 4: What you learned/what you would do differently.

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Are you able to get your PMP certification? (apparently, they push for this hardcore but once you receive that certification, they don't compensate you for it and use it as a selling point to bill the client more)

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I was asked what makes a good Project Manager? Subtext: Do I believe a Project Manager has to have a PMP to be successful?

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How do you handle data management?

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Questions were pretty generic, though I had the feeling the hiring manager didn't actually read my resume before the interview. The biggest issue red flag was an impromptu spelling test. Hiring manager claimed it was to see if I knew the proper use of contractions and the distinction between whose and who's, teams and team's. I wondered if the "test" presented to all candidates or if she was just looking for an excuse to exclude. Interviewer kept stating that an apostrophe is being used as a contraction.

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