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How many grand pianos do you think there are in Austin, and tell me how you arrived at that number.

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This was for an internal position I applied for, I was a little miffed at the interviewer for asking the question and decided I didn't want the job - but then took it when it was offered. Ended up working for the interviewer who asked the question and really liked his management style.

Explanation of current system errors.

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You are given a quiz to test your ability to create a CPM schedule with 20 or so activities and then denote the critical path and some other details about the schedule. You are given as much time as you need to complete the quiz.

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What was a time you had to solve a problem.

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Tell me something about yourself? Strengths, Weakness Why IPM? Culture and ethics related question

How I would handle change requests in fixed price projects.

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Have you ever been approached in your career to cut corners - either in process or ethics? How did you handle that situation?

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