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They like riddles. Example: you have two coins worth 15 cents, one is not a dime. what two coins do you have?

4 Answers

One Nickel and One Dime - Only one of the coins is not a dime - the other is :)

Can you do me a favor and talk a little bit more about the 2-hour test on math, english, and programming? I am gonna take it in a couple days. Thanks a lot.

Hi Wendy, any update for the test?

How many bottles of shampoo used in hotels around the world

3 Answers

For the on campus interview it was: "What global trends influence our business most?"

1 Answer

Tell me about your Project Management experience?

2 Answers

1) Have you ever created documentation? A) type of documentation, why needed B) tool and methods used to create C) who/what was your target environment D) was it successful, explain

1 Answer

Have you worked with overseas/contingency staff ?

1 Answer

Have you managed a project budget before ?

1 Answer

They are mainly just getting to know you. How did you hear about the job? They look through your resume and ask about things.

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Tell me how you would react to a situation where there was more than one way to accomplish the same task, and there were very strong feelings by senior management on each position.

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I think it was hard to balance the questions about mobility and learning new things with the clear desire of the department for you to stay in your role long enough to be useful to them.

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