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How much time are you comfortable sitting at a computer?

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My response: I bring strong computer (MS Access, Excel, other) skills to the table, discussion of specific instances where these skills have been used successfully. Followed by expression of my desire to interact with people on an interpersonal level. Comment: I believe this (preference for interpersonal interaction) coupled with my salary needs is why I was not offered the position. They are looking for someone who is comfortable working at a desk on a computer +80% of the time and salary range of $41,000 - $47,000 yearly compensation.

Good to know. This department has poor internal reputation and what you experienced is common. Alot is expected in this role, with little support/training. Good luck

skills needed: strong negotiation skills tactile politician humble, persistant, driven, unfazed, strong, adept focused, great customer service skills, positive attitude but shrewd hope this helps!

Q: What was one thing that they asked you? My capacity to lead/assist the overseas work positions in each of their Missions, Goals, Objectives, and Activities.

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Do you have knowledge of regulatory process

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What skill sets can you bring to the table in addition to your listed skill sets.

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Though I sat amid three gentlemen, the questions they posed to me were not too difficult to answer. The most challenging of them all I think was what would happen if I learned that this job was actually a nightmare for me - how would I handle that. I took a moment to think about it but they were patient with me.

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Problem solving about client school having issue with unsafe work conditions

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If your direct supervisor confronts you saying that one of the projects you manage is not producing the way it should, how would you respond to him or her?

You're managing a project that requires several supplies to be shipped to multiple countries, and one of your country contacts is unable to get the supplies they need for the project in time. They have already hired everyone for the project and now there will be a 3 month delay. How do you handle that?

Why do you think Microsoft needs to hire you?

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