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Name a time when you had to lead a project and describe its outcome.

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Gave an experience about my senior project, building an electronic device with a team of 4 people.

The answer I was told is, you have 2 dimmer switches on out side so lower those 2 down to off and a normal switch in middle leave that one on. then walk into room and you will see what light switch will control the lights.

There are three light bulbs in a room, and three light switches outside the room. You are outside, and want to match up which switch goes with which light bulb. You can only travel into the room once, and cannot come back in again. You can do anything you want upon entering the room. How can you set the situation so that you will know which switch goes with which light bulb?

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Tell me a time when a co worker did something wrong or perhaps you did not get along with them and how did you handle / resolve it?

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The interviewer asked me what magazines I read, in 3 words describe Juicy Couture, and asked me some questions on how I would handle certain situations. Situations such as a complicated customer and how I dealt with that. Also she asked me if I have ever had a bad and a good manager and why.

Create an interface which filters chuck norris jokes from an API.

They had a pretend you're an employee and call all these people to "solve" a problem. Basically just pretending to be a new engineer trying to solve a problem they had

Write a program that finds all palindromes given a list.

Technical competencies such as experience with particular accounting software and how strong you are with Microsoft Excel.

Career walkthrough Any particular experience with customer communication. Situation and reaction kinda questions. Interest about the position.

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