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A contractor contacts you and indicates that his crews are having difficulty completeing their work because theyare being frequently interupted by university staff and students asking questions.

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I answered that traffic control and public seperation needed to be inhanced to mitigate the problem and that it was likely that a lifesafety issue might also exist. Posting of informational signage would also be helpful. I supect the correct answer was to call the subordinate project manger into my office for a review and instruct them to take the above measures.

What is an HTML Tag?

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What kind of people do you work best with? Why do you want to work for AMIGOS? There were also some questions in Spanish to gauge your ability.

I really didn't recall any difficult questions during the interview process. The interview was specific to position.

They asked if I was willing to relocate.

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Would you be willing to relocate or are you available for weekly flexible shifts.

Be prepared to give specific examples of the type of tasks you will be doing. It is not unusual to have to write an essay if your job involves writing & editing skills, show an example of your designs if you will be working creatively, sample of how to handle a difficult customer if you will be working with clients, etc.

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