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what is the angle between hour and minute hand at 10:30 how to escape a room without windows how much dust in a hole of 10*12*10 inches indexes and bond interest rates of prior day behavioral questions: who would you like to invite for dinner

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should be 135

Angle Problem: The hour hand is halfway between the 10 and 11 and the minute hand is on the 6, so they are 4.5 away and there are 12 total on the clock. 4.5/12 * 360 = 30*4.5 = 45*3 = 135 degrees

I flip a coin and get heads 99 times. It is a fair coin. What are the chances that, if flipped again, will tails come up.

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what do you trade and how do you trade

1 Answer

Basically go to Yahoo Finance the day before.

2. Why do you think you would do succuessful in this role?

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