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How do I handle stress

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Told them that I raised 4 children through the teenage years and if I survived that, there isn't too much more that can stress me out.

What are your hobbies

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What would you do if someone pushed you out of your chair & said, "Get out of the way. I can do this better & faster than you." How would you handle a situation like this, especially if it was a VP of the company?

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What is the most important of development?

What makes a good business proposal?

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Unexpected: I've starred #4, 5 & c, above because HR's reaction to our interaction on those questions, along with my inquiry, was telling. From HR: What salary are you looking for? Me: I'm sure you have a range in mind and with my experience, I'd assume if offered the position, I'd be at the higher end of the range. HR: No, no one has been in this position before so I don't have any idea what they're looking to pay. (and she continued to push for my salary requirements). Once I told her what I made at my last position she immediately low-ended it by saying she "assumes" this position pays at least $10-15K less -- and asked if that would be a problem. About 20 minutes after our first conversation about "No one being in this position before (my letter "c" above)" she slipped and said something that made me I flat out said, "Why did the person who did this job before, leave?" She said "she was looking for more work/life balance. She was a single mother who had done this for 3-4 years. I don't know how she managed with all the extra hours. The people who work here are very dedicated. So she flat our lied on two fronts.

I was asked about my short term career goals, as well as what attracted me to the position/type of work I applied for.

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