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Polaris Project
Grant Proposal Writer was asked...July 3, 2015

What transferable skills do you have from your current position to the grant writing position?

1 Answers

At college I performed extensive research under the supervision of one of my professors, and I took an advanced writing class where I mastered my grammar and syntax and learned how to write clearly and concisely. Less


How many bids have you won and what was the value?

4 Answers

I have works on the many online websites ....but new to glass door

I have works on the many online websites ....but new to glass door

I have worked on the many online websites .....I worked as the data entry clerk and specialist .......but new to glass door Less

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What are your salary expectations?

2 Answers

I would suggest “ I have 6+ years in manufacturing settings and I have 2 years of schooling and according to the experience and salary it says I should be in the margin of (place number here) & ( place number here) but overall it is negotiable. Less

What is the salary range?

General Atomics

Tell me why you want to work for our company.

2 Answers

Because I'm interested of all you guys do

Because I think I would be a good asset to the company with all my experience and background. Plus I find the products to be very interesting and the benefits seem good. Less

Vantage Labs

Tell me something that you would never tell anyone.

2 Answers

"I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die." Seriously though, how do you answer this? I'm curious as to how you responded... I wouldn't blame you if you just hung up on him at that point. Less

My answer to this question was not clear because I was taken aback by it. I contined with phone interview, and was invited to face to face (no offer). Less

Creative Associates International

What I hope to do in 5 years. What tools have I developed that I can use in my new role. What I think are my best skills/qualities that relate to the possible role.

2 Answers

Have a preference to lead the team from the front, committed to meet the challenge, determine the way out with futuristic essentials to achieve the organizational goal, and also habituate to perform as independently in any nature of Financial work. Employment is a position that will provide the opportunity to use my skills , practical competence acquired from the academic and mainly other job experiences, with the ultimate objectives of building-up a career by successfully apply acquired skills & knowledge in Financial Management, Asset Management, Accounts , Administration & Audit fields. Less

Having good knowledge in English, Financial & Accounts Management, Human Resource Management, Report writing, Development and Managerial issues a preference to lead the team from the front, committed to meet the challenge, determine the way out with futuristic essentials to achieve the organizational goal, and also habituate to perform as independently in any nature of financial work. Less


Oddest thing I was asked; "If a fellow employee is obviously upset about something you don't know about, what do you do?"

2 Answers

I let them know that, frankly, it isn't my business if someone comes to work in a huff or upset, but I would reach out to the person on break/lunch to see if they were okay. I would offer advice or council to seek HR, if needed, but noted that sometimes family or life matters outside of work can affect performance. Since this is not a management position, I would not intervene unless need be. Less

As the interviewing manager I would like to counter some of these comments. Candidate interviewed at the end of January and was told they were the first to interview, that we would continue to interview others, and that they would be notified once a decision was made. The candidate is correct that they were told they were a "good fit" but was never told they were a perfect fit. The candidate was not asked the question they indicated above. The question posed was, "Tell me about a time or situation where you had to collaborate with a co-worker that had a difficult personality." Due to a slow influx of candiates this did position did take longer than expected to fill, and then the COVID crisis hit halting all of our hiring efforts. I followed up with the Recruiter and she indicates that she did reach out to this candidate and incidated that they were not selected and thanked them for their time. We appreciate all of our candidates and try our best to make the interview process transparent and effective for all parties. We do offer an apology if there was some misinterpretation of the interview comments, and wish the candidate all the best in their future endeavors. Less

Kapco Metal Stamping

Standard basic questions, nothing unusual.

2 Answers

If you can't get hired at Kapco, that's pretty bad. I thought they hired anyone who walked in the door because they have such a high turnover rate. They can't keep anybody with half a brain because they are smart enough to get out of there and get a real job! Less

Standard basic questions, nothing unusual.


What programs are you mot comfortable with?

2 Answers

In this context, I suppose that you mean software -- applications. Is that so? Since 1987, I've developed documents and other files using many different varieties of software, on Macintosh, DOS, Windows, Unix and Linux. I'm game for anything, confident in my ability to operate well from the start, and fill in any missing proficiency smoothly as I go. Less

Yes they were talking about software. I have a laundry list of software on my resume, so they were asking me about my strengths. Less

Midwest Weed Harvesting

Describe a project on which you saw a way to improve a business process or procedure and how you implemented that.

1 Answers


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