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A man is sitting in a boat which is located in a pool and there is also a rock at the bottom of the pool. If the man pulls the rock out of the water and places it in the boat, does the water level increase or decrease?

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This is actually wrong. The water level actually increases. The amount of water displaced when out of the boat is equal to the volume of the rock, but when the rock is moved to the boat it is based on the mass of the rock. Since the rock is denser than water the water level rises.

Why do you want to work for spaceX?

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Why you want to work for delta

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Why SpaceX and specifically why the McGregor location?

What is the thrust rating of the Draco and Super Draco engines? Calculating tolerance zones for part features with GD&T How would you design a connection to resist shear stress? How would you calculate the bolt torque required to produce a given preload?

How do you deal with difficult group members and what role do you typically play in a group?

Typically fluid questions and how they relate to propulsion systems. I'm also interested in 3D printing and so was asked about print qualification testing.

Do your homework on SpaceX engines. Know the specifications of SpaceX engines, e.g. chamber pressure, thrust, fuel type. If you are interested in SpaceX you should know these things.

What factors influence the design of a pipe that will contain a high-velocity fluid

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